Tea Wéla

Visual System,
Art Direction

Identity and packaging for Tea Wela, a DC-based bubble tea start-up that is looking to revolutionize the beloved tea-based drink experience by making it available anytime, anywhere with their bottled version

The relation between tea and time, routine and relaxation, convenience and boba shops as places of belonging are some of the things considered in crafting the visual story for Tea Wela.

While the visual style was influenced by the aesthetics of modern minimalistic clocks,  the brand identity idea is inspired by time, convenience, and the name of the product itself which translates as “Tea Time”. The final mark is a modular symbol with an emphasis on time, enhanced by a vibrant color palette that compliments the bold colors of the teas. The simplicity of the identity carries out into the packaging which features only absolute necessary information, leaving room for the product to shine.

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